Using Customer Testimonials To Improve Your Business

Word of mouth advertising is the most powerful form of marketing available to a small business owner. When people start talking about your business in a positive way, it is a strong invitation to others to check out your business and patronize it. In each industry, there is a right way and a wrong way to get customer testimonials that will help to initiate word of mouth advertising. When you are an online bookie, you have to be especially careful about how you use customer testimonials as your customers will be trusting you with their confidentiality.

So how do you put together online betting testimonials without angering or scaring off customers? The process begins with the emails you receive from satisfied customers. If you subscribe to the pay per head system, then your website is a professional presentation of your business that offers all of the services your clients need. At some point, you will be getting emails of praise from happy clients. Choose the more energetic emails of praise and reach out to those customers for testimonials.

Some customers will tell you in their emails that you can use their kind words in your advertising. The key is to not use your customers’ names when publishing their testimonials. Using a customer’s first and last initials should be more than enough to lend credibility to their statements. Be sure that you quote the customer exactly and that you get the entire testimonial published on your website.

For the customers that offer positive praise but do not indicate that you can use their words as a testimonial, simply reach out to those customers and ask. Be sure to include your comprehensive understanding of their need for confidentiality and indicate that you would appreciate if you could use their praise in your marketing. If you already have testimonials published, then send a link to those testimonials to give those customers an idea as to how your structure the information and prove that their names will not be used.

Once you have testimonials in place, it is important to get them circulating throughout the Internet. Place your testimonials on your blog and also put them up on your social media presence as well. If you print up marketing materials to circulate to the people you meet, then be sure to include your testimonials on those sheets as well. Any material or vehicle you use to reach out to new customers should have those testimonials on prominent display.

Satisfied customers create significant marketing opportunities for your betting website. Reach out to your customers and get as many testimonials as you can for your business. When potential clients see how happy your current customer base is, then that gives those prospects the inspiration they need to give your website a try. The combination of a professional website supplied by the pay per head system and good customer testimonials can be worth a fortune to any online bookie.